Family fun without breaking the budget

A fun, fuss-free and affordable day spent with family.  Sounds like a good time, right?

Local 6's Mychaela Bruner shows us how your family can beat boredom without breaking the bank.

Between the bouncy houses, tree houses, arcade and slides, at Yaya's Island there is fun for the entire family.

"Kids need fun, they need to get their energy out and play, it's hard to find where I'm from," said mother of two Shannon Thompson.

Thompson and her aunt brought the kids to play at Yaya's Island in Paducah.

"I was trying to find things that weren't going to be too expensive, a place that we could go that I wasn't going to be bored, and we could spend a couple hours here," said Thompson.

A few hours of fun, without breaking the budget.

"For all three kids, you don't have to pay for adults, it was $21 for all day," said Thompson.

At Yaya's Island, owner Jennifer Pace said they try to make the environment fun for not only the kids, but parents too!

"Money is very tight for everyone these days, having a place where people can bring family and not spend arm and a leg and spend some time, come and hang out and let the kids play, it's fun, safe and clean," said Pace.

For more information about Yaya's Island, click here. 

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