Farm to table food coming to Paducah

Think about the food on your family dinner table tonight. Would you feel better knowing it was grown 20 miles away or 200?

The farm to table concept is a national trend of eating food grown near you. A new restaurant is bringing that idea to Paducah for the first time.

The Freight House, near the Chamber of Commerce downtown, is getting their meat and produce all within a day’s drive. The owner, Sara Bradley, will be buying most of her meat from River Bend Family Farms. She’ll also get produce from the Little Texas Farm in Johnson County, Illinois and Kentucky Hydro Farms in Benton, KY.

Bradley grew up in Paducah and learned a lot about vegetables and food in New York and Chicago. She decided to bring that concept back here to not only start a business, but help local farmers.

“These are the vegetables I grew up eating. This is the food I grew up loving,” Bradley said.

There's something about knowing where your food comes from.

“Things that are allowed to be outside in the fresh air as long as possible, those things taste the best to me,” Bradley said.

At the Little Texas Farm in Johnson County, Bradley says she can ask for any produce she wants —a chef's dream made possible by a retired doctor turned farmer this year.

“It's been a nice exchange between, you know, someone who is in the agricultural part and someone who's in the food part of it,” Bradley said.

Jim Gould said he’s always wanted to become a gardener, so he started vegetable farming this year.

“As part of the beginning farmers program through the University of Illinois, one of the mandates is to try to partner up with a farm to table opportunity and that's where the Freight House comes in,” Gould said.

Bradley wants to make use of the whole vegetable. She also tries to incorporate wild plants like sorrel, which tastes like lemon.

“I want people to know that when they come to eat at the restaurant they’re not just supporting, you know, myself and my mother, who's the pie maker, and all the people that work there. But they're supporting all the farmers in this community, all the producers,” Bradley said.

The Freight House is expected to open in mid-September.

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