Marshall County works to approve ordinance for alcohol sales

The deadline is approaching as the Marshall County Fiscal Court works to approve the rules for alcohol sales in the county. The court has until the first week of October. 

Alcohol will soon be showing up on this menu at Moors Resort and Marina's grill. Owner Kathy Wood is ready for the alcohol sales to begin.

"It does increase bottom dollar. It just helps restaurants to be able to survive, because it's such a tough business," Wood said.

Right now she says many things are still up in the air.

"We have a lot of plans. We can't finalize those plans until we hear from fiscal court what their ordinance is," Wood said.

Assistant Marshall County Attorney Jason Darnell sat down with commissioners today to go over details surrounding that ordinance regulating alcohol sales in the county.

"I think we made a great deal of progress, and I think there's not a whole lot we've disagreed on," Darnell said.

Sunday sales were a big topic at Thursday's meeting. Right now the county is leaning toward approving sales by the drink on Sundays after 1 p.m.

"Obviously, for business reasons, we are for that," Wood said.

Darnell says he's hopeful to have the an ordinance in place by the October deadline.

"I don't think it's going to be an issue," Darnell said.

Wood couldn't be more ready to put those plans into action.

Darnell says one more work session will be held to fine tune the details, then a second reading will take place. If everyone votes in favor of the ordinance, it'll be put into action. He hopes to have it approved by late September or early October. That's when people could apply for licenses.

Without an ordinance alcohol sales will happen, but people would have to apply for liquor licenses through the state. The county wouldn't get any money made through licensing fees.
Alcohol sales could start shortly after licenses are issued.

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