Small comparison: Owensboro vs. Paducah hotel

The Holiday Inn coming to Paducah’s riverfront is practically identical to the one sitting in Owensboro. Aside from a few minor differences, Lingate Hospitality hopes Paducah will have a similar hotel experience to Owensboro's.

RuthAnn Dearness, manager of the Owensboro hotel, says Paducah is in for a real treat. “I think, basically, what you have here (in Owensboro) is what you’re going to be having in the hotel (in Paducah),” she said.

One of those treats, Dearness says, is the Another Broken Egg restaurant. It’s going to be the second in Kentucky. 

Claude Bacon says this hotel is more than a 123-room building; it’s a gateway for more conventions. “The convention center needs hotel rooms, and hotel rooms next to convention centers need conventions,” he said.

Dearness says that proximity is good for business. She took us through a meeting space and the fitness facility overlooking the Ohio River. The hotel in Paducah will also overlook the river.

But the view will be a bit different at the outdoor dining area at the hotel. In Owensboro, you have a view of the water. In Paducah, you’ll be overlooking a 14-foot floodwall. Lingate hopes water features and landscaping will help with the wall.

A few cosmetic changes are possible, too, like the white floor along the lobby and hallways in Owensboro. Dearness says, due to the traffic, it’s a challenge to keep clean.

Lingate says they’re excited to be the developer for Paducah’s new riverfront hotel. Bacon says they’re able to “plow the way, so to speak, for the Paducah Renaissance. And we're excited about that.”

The city will also cut a pedestrian entrance way out of the floodwall. 

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