The importance of your annual eye exam

Kids are already back to school and although the summer is coming to an end, the UV rays are still high.  It is important to take proper precautions to protect yourself from the sun.

August is National Eye Exam month, a month dedicated to the importance of eye health and safety.

Dr. David Tucker is doing routine eye check-ups at Eye Care Associates of Kentucky.

"Uncover problems that do not show up on a practitioner's screening. Even though the child may read 20/20 on the chart, that would be a false-negative result when they really need glasses to help them focus their eyes better and take the strain off their eyes," said Dr. Tucker.

Dr. Tucker recommends children, as young as six months get yearly eye exams.

"With young children, such focusing capabilities, they can focus and make up the difference, especially on the mobile devices we are using now," said Dr. Tucker.

Those mobile devices are causing other concerns too.

"Sun exposure is very important. A new thing on the horizon is the blue light that studies have shown is damaging to the retina, which is more likely to product Macular Degeneration, kids are getting more exposure from mobile devices being so close," said Dr. Tucker.

An easy check up that lasts less than an hour can help doctors determine if you are healthy from the inside out.

If you are not sure what to bring with you to an eye exam, Dr. Tucker said bring it all.

"Bring any eye drops you may be using, any old glasses, contact lens you are using, contacts vary so greatly in the application and brands, if you have a good fit, it's a good idea to bring your old prescription in, so we can continue that success," said Dr. Tucker.

Eye examinations are recommended yearly.

Those of you who have a family history of eye disease or another illness that can affect your vision, this puts you at a greater risk, and it is important you get your eyes checked more often.

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