Paducah, McCracken County denied disaster funds

Paducah and McCracken County have been denied federal disaster funding both requested for July 7 flash flooding, the city announced Friday.

The city says it received the news this week from the Kentucky Emergency Management Agency. Paducah spokeswoman Pam Spencer says the city and the McCracken County Emergency Management Agency were denied a disaster declaration "due to the damage not being significant enough to reach the federal disaster threshold." 

The city and county submitted documentation about flood damage to KEMA on Aug. 3, which included information from residents and businesses on flood damage and their insurance coverage. Spencer says 133 private residents and 29 businesses submitted information. To see the full press release from the city, click here. Local 6's Robert Bradfield will look at how this is affecting business owners on Kentucky Avenue on Local 6 at Ten. 

The Associated Press reported Thursday that Kentucky received a federal disaster declaration to help with flooding cleanup in four counties. Flash flooding elsewhere in the state killed four people — including a 34-year-old man who was trying to rescue his grandmother — in addition to damaging property.

The federal declaration, The AP reported, makes federal money available for Carter, Johnson, Rowan and Trimble counties. The money includes grants for home repairs and temporary housing, along with loans to businesses and individuals to help pay for uninsured expenses.

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