Mobile app helps Murray State students feel safe on campus

A local university is using students’ love for texting to keep them safe on campus. Murray State University launched a new app this semester.

It has different features you can use to report a crime, call for help or even have your friends track you on your way to class.

Going off to college can be frightening for more than one reason for students like Jenna Ross. 

"I think that for girls in this day and age, there’s instances where they’re uncomfortable or in scary situations," Ross said.

She and hundreds of other students are now using this app to help.

"It’s just the way of the future. Now everybody wants to text and it’s easier," said Murray State University Assistant Police Chief Jeff Gentry.

Gentry says the app allows students to send messages directly to campus dispatch to report crimes anonymously or using their identities.

"It’s always at your finger tips," Gentry said.

Another feature allows you to message your friends and have them track you using GPS.

Gentry says the goal is not only to keep students safe, but to make them feel comfortable reporting crimes

"It’s a great thing to know that they’re going to be there if I ever am in a situation," Ross said.

Schools across the nation, including the University of Kentucky, have launched this app

At Murray State University almost 1,000 people have downloaded the app since school started this week. Anyone can download it. Head to Murray State University online if you’re interested.

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