School construction at Meridian Schools causes inconveniences

A $7 million construction project is underway at a local school. Parents say it’s making the start of classes difficult for students.

It’s happening at the Meridian School District in Mounds, Illinois. This comes after this black mold was found in the elementary school in 2013. Now all the students in the district are in the high school building, which is creating some temporary challenges.

About 550 kids are learning in one building, all while major construction is being done around the school.

"You got all this extra racket. You can’t really concentrate," said Julius Salley.

Salley has four children in Meridian School District 101. He says his frustrations include a make-shift cafeteria and temporary classrooms with no water fountains. 

"We bought, like, three or four cases of water before school started," he said. 

Superintendent Spencer Byrd says these projects were delayed until now because the school had to wait for state funding. 

"Construction in general on a school is never ideal," Byrd said.

He says there is a silver lining: In just weeks the high school will have a new kitchen, and next week construction on a brand new building for elementary students begins. 

"The futures going to be bright," Byrd said.

In the meantime the school is doing the best it can to accommodate students.

"Each day we learn more and get a little better," Byrd said.

Construction on the high school cafeteria is expected to be done mid-September. The superintendent says the kitchen will be finished in October. He hopes construction on the new school wraps up next July.

The school raised $2 million in bonds to pay for part of construction. The rest of the more than $7 million project will come from state funding.

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