Failure to properly transfer titles can mean trouble for area drivers

Buyer and seller, beware. You may be ready to get that car out of your driveway or buy a new one but, if you do buy or sell, completely change over the car’s title or spend a year in jail.

The McCracken County Attorney’s Office says failure to transfer a title is happening more and more in the area, even multiple times a week. They believe it’s from Facebook posts and pages making person-to-person sales easier. These kinds of sales are legal, but experts say you need to go through the right motions.

The "For Sale" sign is already in the window, but Brad Wyant decided to try an online for sale post out of ease and convenience. Wyant remembers when classified ads were the way of selling things, but enjoys the trace-ability of Facebook and online profiles.

Wyant has a background in sales, and he’s familiar with the online scams, so he still relies on in-person instincts.

"If they’re serious, and I can get courteousness from the call, I’ll respond a lot better when someone is acting like they know what they’re looking for and genuine," says Wyant.

In order to have a safe and secure sale, make sure you have money and title in hand and both parties to the courthouse.

Tracking down McCracken County’s title-less drivers all over the country, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Todd Jones says trouble with titles happens too often. He says some people just forget to transfer their titles, but they can still face charges. Todd says it’s a completely preventable crime, but one his office still spends the manpower on.

"Hopefully, the Commonwealth Attorneys Office can track them down to get their title. And if we can’t and it happens here, we will charge them with a crime," says Jones.

If you buy or sell cars, trucks, or motorcycles you need to transfer your title within 15 days; this includes bartering. You do not have to transfer an airplane title.

If you buy from a reputable car dealer, the buyer or seller does not have to worry about transferring titles at the courthouse, only person-to-person sales.

When going to transfer titles, you also have to bring proof of insurance.

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