Who’s on their phone in church? And is that a bad thing?

Have you ever been sitting in church, seen someone typing away on their smartphone and wonder if they’re reading Acts 2, or playing the 24th chapter of Angry Birds?

Now there’s a study that shows how people of faith use their devices.

The survey, by AT&T, looked at the increasing number of church people using devices for faith activities.

"Young people, no surprise, but also across age demographics. In the African-American community there was a significant use of technology," AT&T Vice President Jennifer Johnson said.

According to the survey, more people practice faith with their smartphones than attend a worship service in person.

Jason Caston works with churches to help them get aboard the digital ark.

"It’s good in that it’s taking the message in our faith-based walk outside of the walls, whether it be the church or whatever building we worship in," Caston said.

Mobile apps, like the YouVersion Bible, give people easy access to scripture. It’s been downloaded nearly 190 million times and counting.

"It can be something that helps them, but it can also be a hindrance to somebody who’s trying to search for the Bible and gets distracted by Angry Birds." Caston added.

Forty-four percent of people age 25 to 34 say they’ve used their mobile device in church that had nothing to do with church — texting, watching a video —and 4 percent said they’ve played games.

The number that really surprised me is that 24 percent of people answering the survey said they use their mobile device to give to the church.

Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed said they use their mobile device to stream worship services. Seventy-three percent said they never use their mobile device during worship services.

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