Misuse of pain patch believed to be cause of death

Trigg County sheriff’s deputies are still searching for the exact cause of 27-year-old Chris Feltner’s death, but they believe fentanyl pain patches were involved.

Joshua King is charged with trafficking the fentanyl pain patches. Monica Trout is also charged with trafficking, having the patches in her possession, and stealing them from a relative. The patches are used to treat chronic illnesses and help some cancer patients live more comfortably.

Davis Marshall of Davis Pharmacy in Paducah says they’re typically worn over a three-day period. Although they’re helpful, they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Davis says using the product incorrectly could contribute to an overdose. He says factors like "the size of the person (and) how sensitive they are to respiratory depressant” could be very serious factors when taking stolen or borrowed medication.

Since the medicine is absorbed through the skin, you shouldn’t pick the patches up unless they’re in their packaging. If you see any suspicious medication unwrapped, call local law enforcement. Davis warns those who may try to use this drug with a prescription could overdose.

“Your breathing would start slowing, get more shallow, eventually just be almost like a suffocation type affect,” Davis said.

Col. Dane Hughes with the Trigg County Sheriff’s Office says keep up with your pain patches if you have them. If they’re left with someone else, you both could face charges. 

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