McCracken County Public Schools reacts to Paducah Power System

The McCracken County board of education on Wednesday reacted to Paducah Power System’s denial of its request to transfer services in some buildings to Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation.

The memo indicates the statute the school system’s attorney referred to as an out for it only applies to “retail electric suppliers”. It added that PPS is considered a municipal electric corporation.

Board of Education Chairman Jeff Parker says he wasn’t really surprised. He says they have a duty to the public to make sure no stone is left unturned and that the board tries to save in any way possible. Looking forward, school officials hope to cut costs in other ways.

For starters, the school system has two large properties that are vacant that cost money to maintain. “You’ve got electrical, water/sewer, insurance. That’s huge, of course,” Parker said. He said he hopes the old board building on Berger Road in McCracken County will be sold to the Merryman House on Jan. 30 for $1.5 million.

Parker said the district has already done just about everything possible to save money. “The new high school, you go in it (and) the lights automatically come on when someone walks in the room. They go off (after) so many seconds when there’s no movement in the room,” Parker said.

And parents don’t need to worry, Parker says. He says students will be comfortable. They’re not touching the thermostat to cut corners.

With the vacant buildings, like the old board building on Berger Road, they are saving. They saved $4,000 this month on their electric bill, compared to last year. Additionally, they’ve saved $3,900 in August at Farley Elementary compared to the previous year. Parker says Farley will either be sold or used as office space.

Parker says the district and Paducah Power are good corporate partners and neighbors. The school system was just trying to “cut those costs.” 

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