MSU professors sign petition to remove Confederate statue from capitol rotunda

Seventy-two history professors want the Jefferson Davis statue removed from Kentucky’s capitol rotunda and moved into a museum. The educators are petitioning House Speaker Greg Stumbo to remove the statue to "make room to elevate in his place a more deserving Kentuckian."

Four history professors from Murray State University signed the petition: Marjorie Hilton, Charlotte Beahan, James Duane Bolin, and David Pizzo. All four  specialize in different areas of history, and all four have their varied opinions on why they signed. But a majority of the history department at Murray State did not sign the petition. The professors I spoke with say it’s part of their job to be respectful of all points and opinions.

The state capitol is a place where every citizen of Kentucky, regardless of their racial background or ideological background, can come together and have to govern, and I find it very divisive," Pizzo says.

"He’s an important figure in history. Like all people, he had negatives sides, bad sides. But then there are good sides also, and I guess I try to leave these things in the past," Jim Humphreys says.

Professors from roughly 14 different college and universities signed the petition. While they did call for the statue to be removed to a museum, the professors said they will let the petition speak for itself right now.

In the past, Stumbo said he would file legislation to remove the statue from the rotunda.

Click here to read the petition.

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