Surrounding counties check on county attorney salaries

Last week McCracken County leaders spoke to Local 6 about finding $140,000 overpaid to county attorneys dating back to 1997. This spurred surrounding county leaders to open and examine their books.

Calloway County looked into the issue in their county. Judge Executive Larry Elkins even took the steps to double check their salaries against state requirements. He filed an open records request to the department for local government. Elkins asked for the county attorney salary equations dating back to 2011 and the method for those calculations. He says after looking at their numbers, the county is in the clear.

"I was trying to do due diligence, asking a simple question. I would have documented the files and checked it, and it confirmed what I thought," Elkins said.

Elkins says the state decides the maximum amount a county attorney is paid, because their salaries are paid by the state for their prosecuting duties and by county they serve. Elkins cross-checked their numbers and calculations.

The maximum Calloway County Attorney Bryan Ernstberger can earn in salary a year is $118,217.31. Elkins says Calloway’s county attorney is paid almost $13,000 less than the maximum.

Marshall and Graves counties also looked into this. They say their county attorneys are paid within the limits. McCracken County is still waiting for all parties involved to discuss how to pay back the money.

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