Warm temperatures, low gas prices extend local tourist season

With temperatures peaking in the mid-90’s, and the average national gas price dropping to around $2.40 per gallon, AAA expects more than 35.5-million travelers to hit the road this Labor Day weekend.

For Indiana Pastor David Pry, Labor Day weekend means an annual pilgrimage to Kentucky Lake.

"We enjoy the lake and enjoy the people, they’re really friendly,” said Pry.  “We need the rest."

However, Pry almost didn’t have a place to stay after waiting until the last minute to book his trip.

"Every place is pretty full, and there are a lot of boats on the water,” said Pry.  “There are a lot of people here."

The local hotels aren’t the only thing that’s booked up.  Slips that are typically full of jet-ski’s and boats at Kentucky Lake Marina have been rented out for weeks according to deckhand Justice Beal.

"After 4th of July we expect it to slow down as people go back to school, and then each weekend we walk in and ask what we’re renting today and they say all of it," said Beal.

This time of the year the Tennessee Valley Authority typically lowers the water level for winter.

While the levels are dropping, tourists keep coming, and Beal says that can cause problems if you don’t know your way around the lake.

"Depth this year is a huge concern once you get outside of the channels and main bays,” said Beal.  “Typically if you stay towards the middle of the bay you should be fine."

As long as the water line holds the marina staff expects to work full force until at least November.

For more information on Kentucky Lake Boat Rentals, and current lake conditions, click here.

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