Bank offers facility in case of emergency

If an emergency strikes and the power’s out in Marshall County, crews can count on Community Financial Services Bank in Benton. All their agencies — police, sheriff’s deputies, emergency medical services, and fire services — can function on the second floor of the bank.

They have computers with the ability to set up outside the bank’s network for security. Other ways the bank can be an asset are the numerous full-service kitchens and showers there. It even has a washer and dryer that be used by emergency crews if needed.

The bank’s drive-through window can also be used by the health department to hand out medication. The bank says community is what they’re about, and this will not cost the county a penny.

CFSB security officer Russ Claborn says “no bill whatsoever” will be sent to the county. “We take care of this," he said. "We have generators that will give us the power. We have the assets that we need to make sure the county is up and running." 

In addition to all the features offered by the bank, they say it’s considered to be earthquake proof. They say if the area is devastated by an earthquake or any disaster, the bank will be standing.

Curt Curtner, Marshall County’s emergency management director, says this has been on the table for about a year. Discussing the ice storm of 2009 sparked the conversation. 

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