Riverfront development project bids come in over budget a second time

Bids for Paducah’s riverfront development project came in over budget for a second time Wednesday.

MAC Construction & Excavating bid the lower base amount of $8,353,888. Jim Smith Contracting Company bid their base amount at $8,902,042.79. The city has budgeted about $5.1 million for this project.

City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy says they’ll review these numbers to make sure the bidders are responsive to the requirements. Then, they’ll see if it’s something they can move forward with.

“It’ll be about a week to review, and after we’ve reviewed it we will have to take some information to our city manager and our elected officials in order to say, ‘OK, here’s where we are and how do we move forward,’” Murphy said.

The city has the option of the bids being lower if the city chooses deduction alternates. This means taking out certain pieces of the project to make it more affordable. Murphy says bids are typically based on the contractors work load.

"These are things that I want in a base bid. However, if I can’t afford all those things what are the first things that I might want to give up? Such that as you give things up, as far as your preferences go, you may wind up with something that you can afford that you may be satisfied with,” Murphy said.

Phase 1B of the riverfront project includes building a gangway and 400 foot transient dock with fuel. It’ll also add lighting and stairs to Schultz Park

The first deductive alternate will reduce the transient dock by 60 feet and delete its railing, as well as remove one steel pile mooring system. MAC Construction & Excavating will deduct $240,777.58 for that, and Jim Smith Contracting Company will deduct $202,063.43.

The second deductive alternate will remove railings from 340 of the transient dock, reducing the bid price $24,198.30 for MAC Construction & Excavating and $26,109.72 for Jim Smith Contracting Company.

The third deductive alternate removes a wave attenuator, lowering the bid base number by $157,203.20 for MAC Construction & Excavating and $169,000.40 for Jim Smith Contracting Company.

MAC Construction & Excavating originally bid in June for about $7.8 million and Jim Smith Contracting Company had placed a bid for $10.1 million.

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