Celebrate the the first family meals month

It is time to eat together because September is National Family Meals Month.

This is new and it is from The Food Marketing Institute and Foundation.

As our Mychaela Bruner reports, it is an effort to get more families to sit down, spend time together and eat healthier.  

As a registered dietician, Nikki Glisson is aware of the obstacles facing families today.

"So often in our society we all like to go with what’s quick and convenient, or run by pizza place, things that yes fill us up and give us calories and we can survive, but we are not getting the nutrient density," said Glisson.

This month is the first Family Meals Month – a time to focus on healthy foods while also spending time together in the kitchen.

"It makes a better family connection, socially, psychology, emotionally and nutritionally it’s very beneficial of all members of the family," said Glisson.

For those young kids, Glisson suggests making meals adventurous.

"Get the kids to pick out a favorite color, or something that has a cool shape, let them get excited about it then let them look up recipes," said Glisson.

Remember, it is all about portion control. Take your dinner plate and divide it in half.  Fill one half with vegetables, one quarter with lean protein and the other quarter with a whole grain.

"It’s a good time for parents to parent, give stories and advice… As your kids grow up, you still want them to value those things, research has shown that kids are going to have more respect when they’re used to having that family time," said Glisson.

You can have some fun with this too as a family! You can #RaiseYourMitt to commit to one more meal at home per week this September! 

Glisson said this nationwide event hopes to educate all families on the importance of family meals and how greatly they benefit our kids.

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