Marshall County hosts alcohol license Q&A

Eighteen days away from selling alcohol, but one local community is still working out how.

Marshall County leaders asked the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control to give a presentation tonight on the laws and logistics for alcohol licenses. About forty people attended from city and county representatives, business owners, and interested parties.

Some have already tried to start the process to apply for a license, but they are doing it too early. The application process can’t officially start until the county goes wet Sept. 28. This includes posting an intent to apply ad in the paper, which is a requirement. The session cleared up this bit of confusion, but those who listened in say there is still a lot to sort out.

Dr. H.W. Ford was an activist in the very first wet-dry election, and he says he wants to see the initiative all the way through. He says he’s not interested in applying for a license himself, but he wants every step to go smoothly when the county finally goes wet.

"It’s obvious the county is going to benefit a lot from his because so many people have shown an interest in getting a license," Ford says.

But Marshall County has a limited number of licenses: 13 for packaged liquor sales, but an unlimited number for malt and beer licenses.

General counsel for the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Steve Humphress says voting to go wet is a recent phenomenon. Humphress says from 2008 to today, there have been roughly 32 cities and counties that have voted to go wet. Humphress says he’s done so many of the presentations he almost knows the statutes by memory.

There are a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to applying for the license. Some include passing background and criminal checks, and having the property inspected. Humphress says everyone goes through the same application process, so no licenses have been promised beforehand. After the county goes wet and stores open, the ABC will do random checks.

Click here for a link to the rules and regulations.

Click here for Commissioner Dr. Rick Cocke’s statement.

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