Voters approve wines sales at Fancy Farm vineyard

Hundreds of Fancy Farm voters approved wine sales at the area vineyard in a special election on Tuesday. A total of 377 people voted. 360 voted in support of sales, while 17 voted no. 

Supporters say this will boost the economy, but a group of moms in Fancy Farm worry it will ruin the security they feel living in a small town. 

Tom Curtsinger started growing grapes eight years ago. He would grow another acre each year, and started realizing the opportunities he could have by making wine and selling it.

"This is going to turn a pursuit of a dream of just growing grapes into producing a quality wine where people can come and enjoy themselves,"said Curtsinger, the owner of Fancy Farm’s vineyard. 

On Tuesday, it all came down to a special election. Michelle Barnes was among a group of moms who voted "no" for wine sales at the vineyard

"Before you know it, we’re going to have liquor stores on our streets, and I don’t feel it’s good for our community," Barnes said.

Curtsinger says having a winery in the area is not a bad thing. Right now, he can only make small batches of wine for his family. He says if he could sell it to more people it would be good for the community.

"The opportunities that you’re going to see here is that we can see other wineries open up, as well as grape production," Curtsinger said.

Barnes days she raises her family in Fancy Farm because of the safety and security of the small dry community.

"Not worrying about if there’s people drinking irresponsibly and driving, not having to worry about that," Barnes said, listing reasons she wants the county to stay dry.

Polls closed at 6 p.m. Only people living in the Fancy Farm precinct of Graves County voted. Curtsinger says now he will meet with county leaders to draft an ordinance with the rules and guidelines of his wine sales. 

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