Find your inner zen, it’s national yoga month!

September is all about autumn and back-to-school time, but it is also National Yoga Month.      

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, yoga is a wonderful practice to take up.  Local 6’s Mychaela Bruner shows how yoga offers numerous health benefits and inspires a healthy lifestyle.

For two decades, yoga has kept Julia Schaberg fit.

"Someone said yoga would help my hip, so I started for only that reason, and after about three months it did help and I’ve never stopped because there’s so much good that has happened to my body and my life from yoga," said Schaberg.

She teaches classes at Energy Fitness, hoping to inspire others about the benefits of yoga.

"If you are training for an event, do yoga for the stretching to make sure you’re not going to have injuries, but it is so much more than stretching – totally mind-body," said Schaberg.

September is national yoga month, a chance for both beginners and experts to roll out a mat.

"Better posture, people are able to stand up straighter, people sleep better…It also helps keep you injury free or helps to heal an injury if you start with one," said Schaberg.

Helping to balance your life for a healthier and happier you.

Yogis can gain flexibility, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and strengthen bones and joints through regular practice.

Mychaela also spoke with Schaberg and asked questions about yoga that our viewers wanted answers to. 

Deanna Utt asked "Do you have to be flexible to do yoga? I am not so lose and limber so I have always avoided it. If not what is the best way to start, is there a beginner course?"

Schaberg said, "We would love to have you because you will become more flexible over time. I can help you, even if you’re not very flexible. The more inflexible you are, the more you need to start yoga?"

Mary Elizabeth McCutcheon wanted to know, "What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?"

"I have had women right up until the day they deliver. That’s between you and your doctor, we are happy to help you because we can help you," said Schaberg.

John Barrett asked, "What is the spiritual contingent of yoga?"

"Sometimes yoga feels like a prayer, I can taught a class called prayer yoga. You don’t have to feel that, we do not make that part of the yoga class, there are classes you can go to that focus on that if that’s what you want," said Schaberg.

Schaberg also recommended amputees interested in yoga to call and set up an appointment. 

For more information about the classes, call Energy Fitness at (270) 554-7222.

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