Report: 1 in 3 kids eat fast food every day

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says one in three children eat fast food at least once a day. Those kids average about 245 calories a day from a drive-through. There numbers are almost identical to where they were in the 1990s.

Local 6 met with Shauna and Curtis Jones, who were enjoying lunch at the park with their two-year-old son Korbin. “We asked him what he wanted to eat, and he said chicken nuggets and French fries, so we just stopped at McDonalds,” Shauna Jones said.

She added that he’s no different than any other kid his age. Although he eats fast food once every other day, she’s not worried about his health. ”He’s very, very active,” she said.

Sandra Farthing, a nutritionist at Lourdes hospital, says she knows how convenient fast food can be. She says active lifestyles, healthier choices, and moderation are important. “Try to encourage them, if they are going to stop and get fast food, to get something a little bit healthier,” she advised.

Farthing says almost every fast food restaurant has a healthy alternative or two. For instance, on a recent trip to McDonalds, I got  a grilled chicken wrap. Instead of these fries, I could have gotten a side salad or even some apples.

Farthing said you can spend the same amount on healthy food as you can fast food. And, with a little extra work, you can save calories and money.

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