Local nurses react to Miss Colorado being dissed for nursing monologue

While other contestants sang, danced or played instruments for the talent competition for the Miss America pageant, Miss Colorado delivered a unique monologue about her experience as a nurse.     

Kelley Johnson explained how a patient changed her perspective on life and on her nursing career.

Since Sunday’s pageant, Johnson and her monologue have been the topics of many conversations.  Some of them have been a little insulting, including one on ABC’s daytime talk show "The View."

Those comments are getting a lot of backlash now, especially from local nurses.

"Everything we do is focused on saving someone’s life or making that life better," said nursing professor Claudia Stoffel.

Heartfelt words from Stoffel after watching Miss Colorado’s performance.

"I was so proud, I thought this is so exciting that here is a member of our profession who is not afraid to share what we are and that we are normal people doing an extraordinary job," said Stoffel.

After The View dissed Miss Colorado and her nursing profession, those comments have stirred the pot.

"I was very sorry for the ignorance that was displayed. That made me sad that there are still people out there that think we are handmaidens and that we do nothing but obey the doctor because nurses are critical thinkers. We are no longer trained, we are educated to care for people in the best possible way," said Stoffel.

Stoffel’s not alone. The negative feedback does not sit well with nursing student Nikki King either. 

"We make lots of decisions and we are there at the bedside when no one else is," said King.

King is hoping this can be turned into something positive.

"I wanted to be upset, but then I realized through all of this, people are learning more about nurses.  I think it made me more proud than anything. I’m working towards that, for someone in her position and her power and spotlight, she chose to talk about nursing and the importance of it and the connection we make with patients," said King.

Both Stoffel and King are involved with WKCTC’s nursing program, but said they feel apart of something much larger now that nurses have taken to social media to bring light to a negative situation.

"We want to make a stand and raise awareness, instead of being negative, we are being positive," said King.

The hosts of The View did respond to the criticism on Twitter.  During Wednesday’s show, Michelle Collins said they respect nurses and consider them the most compassionate people in the world. 

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