School system worries ditch is destroying nearby road

 A local school is worried for its students and anyone else who travels on a nearby busy road. School leaders say a ditch in front of the school is eating away at the road.

"When you look here, you see the ditch is already falling in," said St. Mary School System Director Eleanor Spry.

Spry recently noticed erosion in Elmdale Road next to a ditch in front of the school. 

"I don’t want the road to fall in," Spry said.

The ditch runs right up into the road, and now it’s starting to eat away at it.

Worried, Spry decided it was time to look into some options.

"We have kids going back and forth to school, and a school bus helps transport. And that goes on that road, and I want the integrity of road the be the best it can be," Spry said.

Under city code, property owners are responsible for maintaining ditches on their property. With that in mind, Spry met with the city to look at different options.

"We’re looking at a long-term project. This is not a simple fix, nor is it something inexpensive," Spry said.

She says while planning the project, safety will be a priority.

"Safety for kids, safety for parents and keeping our city safe is really important," Spry said.

Spry says the city will put in gravel to support the road in the next month. She says it could be a year before the school has a more permanent solution in place.

Spry says when the city brings in gravel, crews will work between pick up and drop off hours at the school, so it doesn’t create a traffic jam. She says any work the school does to fix the ditch will be to the side of the road in the ditch.

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