Highway workers make safety improvements on local road

Kentucky Transportation workers want to make your drive safer. They say two drivers crashed into a guardrail in the last month on Husband Road in Paducah. Now, highway crews are taking some extra safety measures. 

The guardrail is located on a curve at the Clark Line Road intersection. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Keith Todd says 25 crashes were reported there in the last five years; nine involved injuries. He says many drivers hit the guardrail and don’t even report it, and those crashes aren’t included in the numbers.

About 6,000 cars drive on this road in an average day. About once a month, Gary Helfin says he sees one end up in the ditch across the street from his home.

"I hear the tires, and then I hear the big crash and run down there to see if i can help somebody," Heflin said.

Heflin says one house has been hit twice.

"One of these days somebody’s going to get hurt real bad I’m afraid," Heflin said.

Todd says highway crews have taken notice.

"At night, in particular, people tend to think the road is going straight instead of turning," Todd said.

The transportation cabinet says another problem is people aren’t paying attention to a sign showing the 10 miles per hour recommended speed limit.

Todd says crews are putting up more signs and putting more striping on the road to alert drivers of the curve to hopefully prevent another crash.

"We need the public to pay attention when they’re driving through," Todd said.

Starting on Monday, one lane of traffic will be shut down, and someone will be directing traffic through the area. A contractor will place new soil, a new guardrail and the signage there over the next week or so.

Engineers are looking into possible funding of a larger scale safety project in the long-term future through the Highway Safety Improvement Program. However, Todd says any new construction or realignment of the roadway in the area will likely be complicated by a floodwall and a nearby natural gas pipeline. 

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