Kentucky Republicans confirm 2016 presidential caucus

The Republican Party of Kentucky said Friday that conditions have been met to have a presidential caucus next year. 

The party said Sen. Rand Paul has met the conditions agreed upon at the Aug. 22 Republican State Central Committee meeting and secured $250,000 for the state party for the caucus.

"We would like to thank Senator Paul for his effort and due diligence in working to ensure that Republicans across Kentucky will now have an early and relevant say in the 2016 presidential primary process," party chairman Steve Robertson said in Friday’s announcement. 

At the August meeting, the RSCC passed rules governing a presidential caucus in Kentucky and voted by a two-thirds majority to approve the first ever presidential caucus for the state party, to be held March 5.

The party said Republican voters will go to county caucus locations any time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. that day to cast their vote by secret paper ballot.

The party said presidential candidates "must file their declaration of candidacy with the Republican Party of Kentucky by January 7, 2016.  Kentucky’s Republican delegates will be awarded proportionally based on the results of the caucus, according to the rules passed by the RSCC."

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