Local deputies, officers attend Trooper Ponder’s funeral

Trooper Cameron Ponder’s funeral was a heartbreaking scene for those who say he laid his heart on the line for his job. Marshall County Chief Deputy David Maddox, along with others from various Marshall County agencies, attended the funeral.

"It was the right thing to do. To show respect not only to Trooper Ponder, but to his family. They would have done the same for us," Chief Deputy Maddox said on his back from Elizabethtown.

Although they were not co-workers, Maddox said they shared a bond through the badge. "Law enforcement in Kentucky is really a big family. Everybody know everybody else," he said. 

In the five days since Ponder was shot and killed along Interstate 24, people have been adding mementos to a roadside memorial to honor the 31 year-old who graduated from the police academy in January.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White spoke to Ponder’s mother at his visitation. "You could tell they were really broken up. It was very sad, emotional time for a lot of people," White told Local 6.

White was called to the scene Sunday night and saw the raw emotion of Ponder’s co-workers when they learned of his death.

"To see their faces, and to see the hurt on their faces knowing that they had lost someone, very brave and very dear to their heart that night.  It was tough to see," he said. 

A final farewell and tribute to a trooper who was remembered not only by how he died, but how he lived. 

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