New BBQ teams vying for top prize at Barbecue on the River

This year may be the 21st ever Barbecue on the River, but for Kathy Sills and company, this is their first year in Paducah.

"We thought we never done this.  We like a challenge so we thought we would jump in with both feet" Sills told Local 6.

The ‘Smelly Butts ‘N’ BBQ’ team is from Sikeston, Missouri.  Their charities are the Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club of Paducah and the Humane Society of Sikeston.  Even though they are new to Barbecue On the River, they aren’t new to competitions. "Trifecta state champions. Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri," Sills said with a smile.

They are hoping to take the trophy this year by winning over the crowd with a crowd favorite. "BBQ nachos. A lot of people in line are getting BBQ nachos," she said.

Also new this year are the City Spikers at booth 9.  Tyler Parker said it took days to prepare.  "We started bringing things down Sunday. Setting up, preparing. It’s been a long process," Parker said.

Your donations help support the McCracken County Volleyball team.  Parker said most of the volunteers are McCracken County graduates and a long line means a better bottom line for the local school district.  "We’ve been busy all day long. We started selling last night.  We had a couple people come through and then today for lunch we’ve been really busy and tonight it’s been nonstop," Parker said.

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