Plaintiffs in Silver Trail Distillery lawsuit react to ruling

A lawsuit filed against The Revenoor Company by Silver Trail Distillery owner Spencer Balentine, explosion survivor Jay Rogers and the family of Kyle Rogers has been resolved.  The judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs earlier this week. 

The lawsuit was tied to a deadly April explosion at Silver Trail Distillery in Marshall County, Kentucky. The judge ruled that The Revenoor Company was at fault, which echoes the fire marshal’s report issued earlier this year.

Local 6’s Todd Faulkner sat down with the plaintiffs for their reaction to the ruling and to discuss the fact that the owner of The Revenoor Company has not been found.

"This lawsuit shows what a coward, an utterly spineless coward, he was because he never put up a defense," Silver Trail Distillery owner Spencer Balentine said. "He wouldn’t defend his work. He wouldn’t defend his business. He wouldn’t really answer any questions."

Balentine added that the lawsuit "shows that we were vindicated. We were doing everything possibly safety-wise. And this was an accident we couldn’t avoid. It was all on him. And I think that’s what the victory in the lawsuit and the fire marshal report bears out."

Explosion survivor Jay Rogers agreed saying, "It shows that we’re not the ones that screwed up. It’s good to at least see that the court sees that we didn’t screw up, regardless of what social media or whatever says."

Jay’s co-worker Kyle Rogers for his "catastrophic injuries he suffered" that day that "resulted in his death," according to the lawsuit.  Kyle’s parents, Don and Rhonda, said there’s no monetary value that will ever be enough to undo the pain they feel.

"How do you put a dollar figure on your son?" Don said.

"No one else has to go through what Jay and what Kyle went through," Don said. "I mean, what we’re going through is bad enough, but what they endured that day —that’s what we want, that’s what we want to see. That maybe no one else ever has to do that again."

Another focus is remembering the life Kyle Rogers lived: the passionate sports fan, the play-by-play announcer for Murray State, the loving son and the rock solid friend.

Amidst the chaos moments after the explosion that April day, Balentine won’t soon forget both Kyle and Jay were more concerned about the distillery and others than themselves.

"That’s the way both of them are," he said tearfully. "You talk about heroes and bravery. I saw it that day. Never forget it."

Kyle’s parents want to make clear how thankful they are for all the support they’ve received from the community, Jay Rogers, Spencer Balentine and his wife, as well as family, friends and complete strangers. 

The plaintiffs will fill out a questionnaire regarding their losses, which a judge will review and then determine a monetary value to award.  It’s not clear when that that ruling will take place. 

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