Whitfield not seeking another term in congress

 Republican U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield, who represents District 1 in Kentucky, has announced he won’t seek a 12th term in Congress after serving for 20 years. His term ends in January 2017.

“Representing the people of the First District for 21 years has been an honor,” Whitfield said in Tuesday’s announcement. “I will cherish forever the countless opportunities to work with them to nurture and strengthen the 35 counties comprising Kentucky’s First District. 

Whitfield said when looking at his career, he’s proud of "helping to establish the Federal Health Benefit Program for employees of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, creating a National Forest at Land between the Lakes," as well as providing funding for troops at Fort Campbell, promoting the use of fossil fuels, and "and ensuring the humane treatment of animals."

The House Ethics Committee announced earlier this year that it’s looking into potential ethics violations by Whitfield.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Whitfield is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee on allegations he allowed his wife to lobby his staff on behalf of her employer, The Humane Society. Whitfield has denied the allegations and called them politically motivated.

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