Facebook hoax raises privacy questions

By now you’ve heard or seen some of your friends posting it on their timeline.

The hoax claims Facebook is going to start charging users $5.99 to keep their information private. One even gives credit to a television news report.

I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but these things get passed along so many times we should all recognize a hoax when we see one. 

This post doesn’t ask you to click on anything or go to a website. It asks that you copy and paste it to your timeline. So, it is annoying. Almost more annoying are all of the posts from people saying they knew it’s a hoax and are therefore smarter than you.

As far as paying to use Facebook, the company has promised from the beginning it will never will charge people for using the social network.  

As far as your privacy goes, you can lock down who sees what you post. But you can’t hide completely. When someone google’s your name, your Facebook account is close to the top of the results. Your profile pic and cover photo are public.

And about what you post and upload, you have given Facebook permission to collect and use any and all of that information.

 The only way to keep from giving Facebook permission to use your information is to not sign up, or delete your account.

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