Donating to flood victims in the Carolinas

Many viewers have been asking us how they can help flood victims in the Carolinas. To get immediate relief to those areas impacted by disaster, donating to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund is a safe and quick way. 

The easiest way to quickly donate money is by texting "redcross" to 90999. This sends $10 directly to the Disaster Relief Fund and helps those who need shelter, food, health services, and recovery supplies.

If texting is not an option for you, here is a link to the online donation form or you can print out the form (look at the bottom of the page) and send your donation through the mail: Red Cross Donation Link

I spoke with the Director of the Western Kentucky Chapter of the Red Cross, Evelyn Miller, and she said that as of Tuesday afternoon the Red Cross was operating over 35 shelters aiding around 5,000 people displaced from the flooding. She also explained that once the water recedes, the hard work will begin and ongoing support will be needed for possibly 3-5 months thereafter. Donations made to the Disaster Relief Fund will support the use of Emergency Relief Vehicles, health and mental health services, shelters, meals, and relief supplies to the victims.

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