Viners entertaining millions

Vine, for the unfamiliar, is an app where people create and watch some of the most entertaining videos being produced today by comedians, artists, musicians and just regular people.

There’s BatDad, a married guy with kids who wears a Batman mask and mostly surprises his family.

BatDad has created 464 videos but has gained almost 3.5 million followers.

Thomas Sanders is an incredibly talented singer, actor and college student with more than 6.5 million followers.

Every video he posts generally gets more than 7 million views.

There are artsy Vines, DIY Vines, sports Vines and fashion Vines. but the most popular are the funny Vines.

Viners earn money through product placements, some earning tens of thousands of dollars from just one six second ad.

So if you’re new to Vine, here are a few people to follow: Thomas Sanders, Bat Dad, Curtis LePore, Bottle Rocket — another dad with a sense of humor — and Katie Ryan, a mom who’s daughter is the star. Her latest vine has more than 50 million views.

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