McCracken County courthouse undergoing construction for drainage issues

Construction is happening right now at the McCracken County Courthouse. Crews are working to remedy a drainage issue.

In July the county clerk’s office suffered lots of drainage issues and damage. Water leaked into the basement office and damaged at least one computer and several paper files.

The courthouse is seeing its first round of construction at the northeast corner, but other areas will see construction as well. Especially because once construction crews dug in, they quickly found out pipes were the problem.
The peeling plaster and water-damaged walls are not ideal working conditions for McCracken County Clerk Julie Griggs’s office. She says she worries for the safety of those she works with and serves, looking forward to when the rain won’t damage her office.

"It does make for poor working conditions, that’s for sure, whenever you have this around," says Griggs.

Those working in the courthouse say every time it rains, it affects another part of the building

McCracken County Judge Executive Bob Leeper says the renovations are not cheap and will likely last longer than he’d like. He says their challenge is to fix an ongoing problem as soon as possible without creating a larger problem. Leeper says fixing the issue is expensive, but it carries a smaller price tag than putting his employees and county operations at risk.

"(The courthouse should) drain the way it’s supposed to, so we can fix those work spaces back, so those employees can have a proper working place," Leeper says.

Leeper told me they’ve completed this first phase, but in following phases they’ll look at other drainage issue areas of the courthouse.

In terms of cost: so far, for the first phase it has cost $10,000 from the county’s general fund. Additional fixes down the line on other phases could cost more.   

Leeper says they’re hoping to complete work before the wet winter season.

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