Distillery explosion survivor Jay Rogers weds fiancée over weekend

Life is precious, challenging and rewarding —lessons Jay Rogers, Tiffany Taylor and their family and friends know all too well.

Rogers survived the Silver Trail Distillery explosion on April 24 in Marshall County. His coworker next to him that day, Kyle Rogers, later died due to his injuries. During weeks of recovery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Rogers proposed to longtime girlfriend Tiffany. 

On Saturday, Oct.10, in Calloway County, the two wed at the family home of Jay Rogers. It’s a moment Tiffany wondered would ever happen when she was by Jay’s hospital bed six months ago.

"It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle," Tiffany Rogers said. "It’s nothing but all the prayers and the love and support of family and friends and God above. We would not be here where we’re at today. This was meant to be."

"It feels like I’m marrying my best friend, and that’s what I’m doing" Jay said while he prepared for the wedding. 

He even wore one of Tiffany’s favorite necklaces of his collection. A small, beaded black and white necklace that serves as a reminder of the day that changed his life forever.

"This is the only thing I have left from anything I was wearing the day of the accident," Jay said.

The two had plenty of family and friends in attendance Saturday to show their support and love. Afterward, they raised a toast for a guest in spirit, Kyle Rogers, who didn’t survive that fateful April day. 

"We didn’t want to leave him out today," Jay said.

Jay and Tiffany’s new chapter is one of hope, love and renewed commitment.

Tiffany added, "We take not one thing for granted. We take not one day for granted."

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