DMV closing soon in Weakley County, Tennessee

In 3 weeks, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security says the driver services center will close its doors in Weakley County, Tennessee. The deputy communications director, Megan Buell says the goal is to save tax dollars.

Janice Lockhart has lived in Weakley County for more than 5 decades. Today, she’s was at the DMV to put her new last name on her driver’s license. “It’s been here for so long and it’s close and I think it’s something we need,” Lockhart said when asked about the closure.

Weakley County Mayor, Jake Bynum, says he understands that cuts have to be made to stay afloat. But he added that this will affect voters and those who want a hand-gun permit.

Buell says people in the county can seek services in Trenton, Paris, or Union City. It’s a small inconvenience, according to Buell. “This is not something you have to you on a weekly basis, a monthly basis, an annual basis, this is every 5 to 10 years,” she added.

A lot of services like renewing your driver’s license, changing your address, or ordering a duplicate can be done right from the palm of your hand. “You can’t take a driver’s test online. You can’t go in and get a new photo ID online. You can’t get a handgun carry permit,” Bynum said.

Buell says there’s always a change to re-evaluate the decision in the future. But as for now, it’s closing on November 6th. All 3 employees will be transferred to the surrounding departments. Buell says 9,200 people received service at that DMV last year. With it closing, the state will save $80,000 a year on the building. 

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