4 children released from hospital after deadly Amish buggy crash

An Amish family in Graves County, Kentucky is lucky to be alive, according to Sheriff Dewayne Redmon. 5-year-old Moses Yoder did not survive injuries after a 2006 GMC pick-up truck hit the back of the family’s buggy Friday night.  His mom, Lena, is still in critical condition at Baptist Health Paducah.

We spoke with Arnez Knox, the Yoder’s neighbor. To Knox, Sam and his family are more than just an Amish family, they’re friends. “He actually came here and helped me rake this whole yard before he even went into the house to eat. That’s just the kind of person Sam is,” he said.

Sam wasn’t in the buggy. But, his wife and 5 children, included a 4-month-old were. Redmon said it’s risky riding on a horse and buggy, according to Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon.  "We’ve been lucky that we haven’t had more accidents involving Amish buggies,” Redmon added.

He said it’s not just at night the Amish should use caution. Friday’s crash happened in broad daylight. The driver told deputies the sun was in his eyes and he couldn’t see the buggy.

One of the two horses was put down after being hit by an oncoming truck.  The other is still being treated. Sheriff Redmon said reflectors on the buggy would not have prevented the crash because of the time of the crash.

No charges are being filed on the driver. Deputies are still investigating the crash. 

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