Space capsule headed to new home

A piece of space history that used to sit outside the Civil Air Patrol’s Paducah location was rediscovered.

Coming out of storage at the McCracken County Road Department, the space capsule is headed to be put on display.

"It’s a very important piece of space history, and we’re excited it’s going to stay here in Paducah," said Challenger Learning Center Paducah Director Mellisa Duncan. 

After some work, it will sit outside the center. Duncan says researchers will also look into its history.  

"We’re slowly learning history. I just learned it had orbited the earth," Duncan said.

The capsule was owned by the Civil Air Patrol’s Paducah Squadron. It was put in the county’s storage when the national guard took over its location.

"We contacted the county to get the capsule back. So, we could donate it to the Challenger Center, but we’re told they couldn’t locate the capsule," Civil Air Patrol Past Commander Gregory Siener said. 

That was three years ago. It wasn’t until it was listed to be auctioned off by the county this past week, he says, that he realized it was still around.

"Not exactly sure why no one knew where it was, but I’m glad we have it back in our possession," Siener said.

The Civil Air Patrol has donated the capsule to the center in the hopes of getting even more answers.

The capsule is now being stored at the community college, as the Challenger Learning Center comes up with a plan to refurbish it so it can be put back on display. The Challenger Learning Center hopes to have the capsule on display by spring.
McCracken County Judge Executive Bob Leeper says he doesn’t know why the Civil Air Patrol was told the county didn’t have the capsule. He says it’s been in the county’s storage unit for years.

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