Local superintendents give lawmakers an ear full

Local superintendents sat down with lawmakers today to talk money. 

The subcommittee on secondary and post-secondary education was at Murray State Thursday.

Voices were definitely raised a couple of times, but ultimately members of the legislature we’re thankful to have local insight to struggles that local school districts face. 

Calloway County and Murray Independent Schools superintendents shared their money problems in the classroom. Tres Settle, Calloway County superintendent discussed the growing mandates on schools today. Bob Rogers with Murray Independent Schools chimed in as well. He told the legislature he wasn’t asking for more money, but enough money to do the things they’ve mandated. He says they’ve had to make do.

"Fortunately, we’ve had a little carryover money from the time things were funded properly. And the local folks are funding a much larger percentage," Rogers added. 

Settle proposed a review committee for some of those mandates to see if they’re even needed or if there is money for them.

They both agree that about 50 percent of their budgets are funded by the state. That used to be 70 percent.  

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