Survey looks at community health issues in Marshall County

If you live in Marshall County, you may have received a health questionnaire. The county health department and hospital are using it to find out the major health concerns people have in the area.

Hard at work, Callie McKendree has her husband and young daughter in mind. As a hospital administrative assistant, she wants to be able to afford to keep her family healthy.

"After you have a child, you begin to realize what you do affects your children, or at least we hope (it does)," McKendree said.

She’s noticed not everyone makes healthy choices for their families.

"It’s a huge need here to provide the ability to be healthier," McKendree.

That’s why she’s doing this survey, filling in the bubble next to the "access to healthy choices" option.

Every three years the Marshall County Health Department partners with the hospital to hand out the survey, asking people what issues they’re most concerned about. Issues include the economy(jobs and income), cancer, access to healthy choices (foods, stores, activities), transportation, the teen pregnancy rate, obesity, diabetes and substance abuse.

"When you look around, you see a lot of health issues, so we really want to focus on the direction that our community wants us to go in," said Jennifer Brown with the Marshall County Health Department.

Brown says once the community’s input is in, a health coalition will be formed to combat the three main issues people in the area notice.

"Those are all big issues that the entire nation is trying to tackle," Brown said.

Issues that parents, like McKendree, want to help end. 

The last time the survey was handed out, the community chose obesity, substance abuse and the economy as the areas that needed the most work. The health department says three different coalitions formed to make improvements in each area.

Since then, the county became work-ready certified and created more after school programs to keep kids active. Brown says the coalitions no longer exist, because its difficult to keep three different groups together for three years. That’s why, Brown says, this year the health department wants to form one coalition for all health issues.

The results of the surveys will be announced on Nov.19 at a public meeting. The meeting will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. In the Kentucky Dam Village Convention Center.
Surveys must be handed in or completed online by Nov. 6.

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