Local grant helps open more places to visit

A local grant is helping local entrepreneurs start their own businesses, giving you more places to go.

Our Daily Bread opened about a month ago in Eddyville, Kentucky. Co-owner Rose Fraliex says they received a Lake Barkley Partnership grant about a week before opening.

The $2,500 grant allowed them to add pizza to their menu and it helped them purchase a coffee machine. Fraliex says she’s thankful for that because they see a need for coffee in the area.

“Initially, we were going to try to focus on the deli-bakery part of it, but things just kind of fell into place. We were able to bring in the pizza and bring in the coffee, and start it all at one time instead of having three phases,” Fraliex said.

Fraliex deals with anything bread, Chris Bugg works on specialty cakes and catering, and Roxanna Erickson makes coffee. The three opened Our Daily Bread together.

Before it opened, customer David Kaminski says there wasn’t a place in Eddyville that served coffee, sandwiches, pizza, and bread.

“I think it’s really going to help out the area here. We are kind of small town. So, it kind of brings the big city into a small town,” Kaminski said.

Fraliex says they transformed the building in two months from a former Mexican restaurant. She says they’re already attracting people from out of the state and are hiring more than expected

“When we first started, we thought we were only going to be able to hire 15 people, and I think we have 20-plus employees right now. I think that brings people into the area who can work, and we are still looking for people to work,” Fraliex said.

Our Daily Bread is also providing a way to help others in the community through their pay it forward wall. Customers pay for an item and leave a note on the board to give it to someone else. The board currently includes gifts for teachers, law enforcement, and anyone who needs a smile.

Lake Barkley Partnership awards $2,500 grants to small businesses in Lyon and Caldwell County. They also gave a grant to the Wellness Place in Lyon County and Cats Den in Caldwell County this year. To learn how to apply for the grant, click here.

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