Murray State woodworking student becomes hero

A Murray State University student became a hero when she least expected it. When her 85-year-old classmate was injured using a table saw in her wood working class last Thursday, she jumped into action. 

It happened when Murray State student Becky Morris was working using this band saw for a project in her wood working class.

"I heard like the sound of the kick back. Really it was him hitting his hand," Morris said.

She’s talking about her 85-year-old classmate. He had been working on a table saw when he rushed over to the sink, and she ran over to help.

"I saw his hand and was like ‘This is not good,’ and he was like ‘I’m not okay,’" Morris explained.

Morris wasted no time leaving this classroom and rushed him to the hospital. 

"Nine minutes from when it happened, he was with the doctor with the ER," said Murray State public relations professor Elizabeth Thomas.

Thomas happens to be daughter of the student, Kenneth Thomas.

"In my mind, she saved my dads life," Elizabeth said.

The class’s professor, Sarah Martin, says the student lost a lot of blood in the incident. She says she hopes it’ll lead to some changes.

"We’re hoping this is an opportunity to expand the safety features of the shop," Martin said. 

Martin says she wants to use this as an opportunity to replace two of the classes old table saws with new saws that are able to stop when they sense skin.

Morris is just happy to have helped her classmate.

"It feels good to know the little things you do go along way," Morris said.

Coincidentally, Kenneth Thomas had been working on building his coffin when he was injured.

"My first thought is I could have lost him and I need him," Elizabeth says. 

The family is happy the coffin won’t be put to use anytime soon. 

Elizabeth says her father had to get stitches in four of this fingers. She says doctors tell her he won’t be able to use the hand for 30 days.

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