Help Wanted: The outdated rules to ignore in your job search

There are hard and fast rules you need to follow when searching for a job, right? Wrong. 
Times have changed. We live in a digital world, and that means there are more options than rules. There are some rules that should just plain be ignored now, according to U.S. News & World Report. Here are some of them:

1.) Your resume can only be one page. Two-page resumes are common now. People with only a few years of experience should still stick to one page, but two pages are fine for everyone else.

2.) Every job has to go on your resume. Your resume is a marketing document and should be targeted to place you in the strongest light for your desired job.

3.) Include an objective at the top of your resume. Many potential employers see objectives as a waste of space. Instead, include a skills summary that clearly highlights what you can do for them.

4.) Write your resume or cover letter in formal language. Be conversational, not stiff.

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Here are several job openings in the Local 6 area:

1.) Maintenance: Harper’s Country Hams, Inc.; Clinton, KY – Applicants must have knowledge of heating and air, plumbing and electrical. Apply in person at 2955 U.S. Highway 51 N. Clinton, KY. No phone calls, please. 

2.) City Carrier Assistant: United States Postal Service; Paducah, KY – To learn more about this position, click here.

3.) Clerk: Children’s Services; Weakley County, TN – To learn more about the position, click here.

4.) Program Coordinator: Tennessee Community Services Agency; Union City, TN – To learn more about this position, click here.

5.) Transit Bus Driver: Rides Mass Transit District (RMTD); Marion, IL – To learn more about this position, click here.

6.) Mechanical Technician: Priority Professional Group; Carbondale, IL – To learn more about this position, click here.

7.) Clerical Specialist: Elyon International; Jackson, MO – To learn more about this position, click here.

8.) Valet Parking Attendant – Security: Saint Francis Medical Center; Cape Girardeau, MO – To learn more about this position, click here.

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