Massac County commissioners address improvements options for courthouse

The effects of the Massac County Courthouse weathering years of wear and tear are seen in the office of county State’s Attorney Patrick Windhorst.

"We have issues with plumbing, heating and air, electric —several things that need to be addressed," Windhorst told Local 6.

Windhorst said those conditions are something he doesn’t like to see in a building that has so much history and importance. "This has been the center of town for my entire life. I grew up here in Metropolis. I always think of the courthouse as the main area of town," he said.

County commissioners are looking at three options: Build a new judicial building and move the non-court related offices into the soon to be vacant Banterra Bank building at a cost of $4 million. Another option is to move everything into the bank, which would require additional expansion at a price tag of more than $4 million. The third option is to repair the courthouse.

Those repairs could cost $5 million. County Commissioner Jerel Childers said while that’s the most expensive option, it is also the most desirable.

"It’s been neglected for years. Not just since I’ve been here, but long before," Childers said.

He said there is a consensus among commissioners to keep the building even after those years of neglect. "It’s nobody’s fault. We just didn’t have the money to repair it," he said.

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