I Am Local 6: Geco Ross awarded Kentucky History Teacher of the Year

Geco Ross teaches fifth-grade students at McNabb Elementary School in Paducah about the past while preparing them for their future. It’s a blast to past in Mr Ross’s history class, but not in the traditional way.

"I try to take my classroom and amp it up a little bit and get it to the same caliber of ‘You never know what’s going to happen next,’" said Ross.

When we talked with him, Ross was teaching his class about Native Americans of the Central Plains and how they hunted buffalo. He pulled his suit jacket over his head to imitate a hunter. He took his voice to a whisper to hunt the buffalo. Suddenly, he jumped up and made a loud noise, scaring his students.  They all laughed after, and Ross spread a big smile across his face.

When you enter the classroom, the colors and positive reminders reflect Ross’s energy for teaching.

"Sometimes, it’s through dance. Sometimes, it’s through song.  Sometimes, it’s just a call and response.  I keep them engaged throughout the entire lesson," said Ross.

Ross is an alumni of McNabb Elementary. He was part of the group of students who decorated the halls of the school with their hand prints. Ross doesn’t quite remember which print is his, but he does know it’s somewhere between the front office and the gym.

"I really felt responsible to come back and try to inspire students to be great," said Ross.

Many days, you will find Ross wearing a suit and bow tie. He says it’s an example of professionalism. He does teach history, but he has a philosophy.

"Our students’ education is not only a right , but it is also a major responsibility," said Ross.

Ross hopes his contribution in the present will help history repeat itself.

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