4,000 People sign petition supporting packaged alcohol sales in Graves County

A local group reaches a major milestone as they fight to get an alcohol measure on the ballot.

On Monday, the group Vote Graves County Wet handed in more than 200 pages of signatures from people supporting the sale of packaged alcohol.

Betsy Jones is one of the 4,000 names on the petition. She says it’s not about bringing money into Graves County, but keeping it there.

"So that we can grow, we can have more programs," says Jones. "Hopefully it will free up some money, so that we will be able to have more programs for children."

The petition originally needed 3,330 signatures. County Clerk Barry Kennemore says they lowered the required number to 2,221 because of low voter turnout at the recent election.

If the clerk’s office can verify the signatures, the county judge executive will set a special election date.

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