Mayfield to expand its miniature western town into event venue

The 1880s-themed western display Cartwright Grove made it’s debut last year. The city hopes it will become a venue for events and a tourism attraction.

Time and hard work went into the Cartwright Grove buildings that sit on the Graves County Fairgrounds.

"This has been our focus a year and a half," said Hugh Kirby.

Kirby and another volunteer, Billy Williams, have been leading up construction on the replica of a western-themed town modeled after Mayfield’s attraction, Cartwright Farm. 

"It’s going to be something people can enjoy 50 to 60 years from now," Williams said.

There’s still work to be done for their dream to become a reality.

"My children just thoroughly enjoyed going out there every year," Williams said.

They say the barber shop and general store that debuted last year are only the start of what’s coming.

The city hopes to utilize the buildings year round, and even rent out a soon-to-be saloon for private parties and events.

"As we get more buildings done, we’re going to have more of an opportunity to create more of an atmosphere, create more events and things people can participate in," said Mayfield Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell.

Rochetti-Cantrell says more buildings will be popping up on the property, and the saloon alone will hold up to 100 people.

"It is a non-alcoholic saloon right now," she said.

She says for now the saloon will remain alcohol free under Mayfield’s liquor laws, but the city will continue to focus on making it a venue.

"That can hopefully turn into a destination for Mayfield and Graves County," Rochetti-Cantrell said.

Kirby and Williams couldn’t be happier with what they’ve created.

The barber shop, sheriff’s office and general store will be open three weekends between November and December. You’ll be able to look at the hotel from the outside. For a full schedule, head to the Cartwright Grove facebook page.

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