Responders, families encourage Kentucky Yellow Dot program

How would you tell first responders what’s wrong in an emergency when you can’t talk? Those first responders say the Yellow Dot program could be the answer.

Kentucky joined the growing nationwide initiative that tells emergency responders about important medical information in your car. First responders say the sticker could be the thing that saves your family’s lives.

She drives her kids to and from doctors appointments, therapy sessions, and kids events all over the state. Kim Steele’s two youngest children, Travis and Kenzie, both have autism. She says safety for her kids is medical and behavioral, and she knows it would be difficult for them to communicate in an emergency.

"It is something that’s on my mind when I’m traveling with them in the back seat," says Steele.

Steele says a sticker that would tell first responders all of that could keep her family safe.

"The more information they have, the better they’re going to handle our children in an emergency situation," she says.

The dot goes on the lower left corner of the driver’s rear windshield, and the pamphlet goes in the glove box.

Jeremy Jeffrey, Mercy Regional EMS executive director, says the sticker would help in the "golden hour," or the short time they have to figure out how to save a life.

"We see the yellow dot, we go to the information, and we can rule out a lot of things really fast rather than having to guess about several things and hope to get it right," Jeffrey says.

Hoping a sticker will save that time, and save Steele some peace of mind.

The pamphlets cover all types of medical information from allergies, to pre-existing conditions, to contact information. The sticker and pamphlet are free for anyone to pick up across the state. It’s recognized in 15 states across the country, including Illinois and Tennessee. In Missouri, a bill is still going through the state legislature.

You can pick up the yellow dot sticker and pamphlet at the Kentucky Transportation District Office in Reidland or Kentucky State Police Post 1 in Mayfield.

You can email for more information, or click here.

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