New BBQ on the River totals broken down

New totals for Barbecue on the River were announced at the Paducah City Commission meeting Tuesday night. 

Barbecue on the River Festival Executive Director David Boggs says $466,768.28 is going to charity. That’s the highest amount the event has ever raised, and is up 8 percent from last year.

The 32 barbecue booths raised $222,271.24. Tilford’s Q Krew raised the most for charity with $25,732.51. That’s with 100 percent of sales going to the Purchase Area Sexual Assault & Child Advocacy Center. Lori Brown with PASAC shared her thanks at the meeting.

"We really need to be able to work effectively and efficiently and making improvements, such as ADA upgrades, things to the facility that we would not be able to do. So, we are very, very grateful to Barbecue on the River and to the city for supporting them," Brown said.

Angie Falconite with Cassidy’s Cause Therapeutic Riding Academy, one the recipients, was also at the meeting. She says the donations are huge for their operations and is thankful for anyone that has anything to do with Barbecue on the River.

BBQ isn’t the only item that raises money. Thirty-eight food vendors raised $101,347.89. The other events that take place, such as the 5K and the beer gardens, collectively raised $143,149.15.

Participating Barbecue on the River vendors and fundraisers must donate at least 20 percent of their proceeds to a charity of their choice. 


  1. Tilford’s Q Krew – $25,732.51 raised- Purchase Area Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy (PASAC)
  2. Cookie’s Grill – $21,624.82 raised – Reidland Area Upward
  3. River City Rib Ticklers – $16,373.79 raised – Laurel Foundation
  4. Regulators BBQ – $16,200.00 raised- Cassidy’s Cause 
  5. Larry, Darrell & Darrell – $15,000.00 raised – Paducah Red Cross


  1. WKYQ for The Lighthouse – $13,665.55 raised – Deep Fried Twinkies & Oreos
  2. Community Christian Academy – $12,718.86 – Dippin Dots & Popcorn
  3. Woodlawn CP Church – Mary Alma Circle – $12,240.00 raised – Hot Fudge Cakes
  4. New Hope CP Church – $6,810.00 raised – Fried Dill Pickle Slices & Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas
  5. South Paducah Kiwanis Club – $5,017.00 raised – Funnel Cakes

For a list of all BBQ and FIXIN team donations click here.

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