I Am Local 6: Doug Baltz takes his artwork to shoes

Artwork can be displayed on walls, shelves and tables. One artist shows his creations on feet.

Doug Baltz of Paducah was trying to find a way he could make a living as an artist.  He took a step of faith.

Painting on canvas is nothing new for Baltz, but canvas shoes became the kicker.

"I’ve drawn on everything else. Let’s draw on shoes, and see how it turns out," said Baltz.

Less than a year ago, Baltz painted a pair of shoes for a friend. His friends wanted a pair for their friends. Two became four; four became eight. As of now, Baltz has painted more than 40 pairs of shoes in all different sizes and designs.

"I tell people anything from princesses to zombies, because I think that pretty well covers the whole spectrum," said Baltz.

Baltz uses colored sharpies and acrylic paints to decorate your shoes, and they are protected from normal wear and tear.

"Every time I finish a pair, I have some spray sealant, and I put two coats on there," said Baltz.

When Baltz hands someone their new pair of shoes, he hears one of two things.

"They either say, ‘They look too pretty; I’m not going to wear them,’ or ‘I’m never going to take them off,’" said Baltz.

He never thought painting shoes was going to take off, but he feel he’s walking on the right path.

"I’ve always said ‘If you do what you’re put here to do, everything will fall into place,’" said Baltz.

He took advantage of an opportunity that was placed at his feet.

If you would like more information about Doug Baltz and his shoes, you may go to Doug Shoes on Facebook.

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